Lightshine Music offers an instrument rental program in affiliation with the National Educational Music Company (NEMC). In conjunction with the NEMC, we are able to offer instrument rentals at a very reasonable rate to students at every school with a music program in the San Luis Valley. With most instruments, you’ll be able to rent to own — the money you pay going towards buying them outright!

The process of renting your instrument is very simple, and can be handled entirely online. To start, head to our page with NEMC, and select your school. Then, choose your instrument (using the drop-down arrow at the top if your instrument isn’t shown). Following that, add your personal and payment details, and you’ll be done! After a few days, you’ll be able to pick your instrument up at our store, along with anything else you might need!


Play Everyday!

Did you know that you can find a jam session almost every week somewhere around the San Luis Valley? Come by and ask us about them. Then haul your gear over to the next jam and do your stuff.


We're on La Veta between Main St (Hwy 160 West) & 6th Street (Hwy 160 East).

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