Bob and Petey

Bob and Petey

Lightshine Music has been helping to fill the San Luis Valley with music since 2004. We were founded on the principle that music is one of the most important parts of any culture and deeply affects everyone, whether on a community-wide or an individual basis. We carry this value through all our operations today.   Lightshine Music is here because we believe that music is vitally important to our community. We want to make it possible for anyone to fill the need in their lives for music.

Everyone involved in Lightshine Music is an experienced and performing musician, and would be able to help you with any music-related question or need that you have.

Owner Bob Phillips teams up with Robear for live sound reinforcement at many community events.  Caleb Clark is the woodwinds and brass technician.

We’ve been working with musicians, students, and educators within the San Luis Valley for a long time. We understand their needs and they know they count on us. We pride ourselves on our honesty and flexibility with our customers and community, and are committed to helping you find the instrument, equipment, or service that’s right for you.

Stop on by our store sometime, at 514 La Veta Avenue in Alamosa, and we’d be happy to talk about what you’re doing with music and how we can be of service to you.

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Play Everyday!

Did you know that you can find a jam session almost every week somewhere around the San Luis Valley? Come by and ask us about them. Then haul your gear over to the next jam and do your stuff.


We're on La Veta between Main St (Hwy 160 West) & 6th Street (Hwy 160 East).

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